I have worked with Bernard Foong for nearly two decades as well as being a client for many custom couture pieces. As his fitting model and lead model/performer in his numerous fashion events over the years I can attest to his extraordinary & unique design abilities. He knows his fashion acumen wholly which is evident in the quality of his work. From beginning his inspiration of detailed, beautiful and colorful illustrations, and onto pattern making, choice of appropriate fabrics to accommodate designs, cutting, sewing and finishing details that it is rare I have experienced a designer who is truly a complete package. I have worked with many notable designers from many different countries as model and client for custom designs and it is Bernard who is at the top of my list, hands down. I need to also express the level of his professionalism. He is ALWAYS prepared, on time, confident yet humble and accommodating to his clients whom he consistently shows gratitude for their support of his design endeavors. A truly exceptional designer and fine human being.